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After completing some work this morning we went into Bridgetown Barbados to find the local Real Estate Agents all Realtors as they call them here. We assumed that there would be a degree of clustering and we would find all the agents together. We were looking to see what we could afford to rent or buy in the south east area. After walking around Bridgetown for a short while we could not find any Real Estate Agents. We stopped and asked a bank official if he could tell us where we would find the agents. He was very helpful and has up to the first floor of the bank where he gave us some property magazines. It turns out that most of the real estate agents do not have offices here and it is largely done over the web. He was also good enough to you us phone numbers of some local contacts.

We have wanted why the Real Estate Agents did not have the address on their signs but just the website address. There are a couple of agents that have offices and as luck would have it they are quite close to where we are renting the house that Paynes Bay in the district of St James. We will be visiting them tomorrow.

Whilst we were walking around Bridgetown we noticed the immigration office and so we decided to investigate what the position was that we had not had an awful lot of success looking it up on the Internet. Unfortunately, and rather expectedly, there was a huge end as we did not have the specific questions we decided it would be better to phone in later and get directions that way.

We also had questions with regard to income tax as we had been advised that if you get it wrong you could be paying tax in two countries on the same income! We went into the Inland Revenue building and they gave us some forms/leaflets as a guide.

My son badly needed a haircut to keeping cool and so we went into a local barber’s. Obviously they are not used to dealing with Caucasians and my son’s hair is particularly wiry and difficult. While these barber that did Alec’s hair took its time and really good job asking as he went along. To my amazement the cost was five dollars Barbados which equates to about £1.75!

I also needed a card reader for the camera so that I can upload the photographs onto this blog. I went into the first electrical shop that we came across and found a 50 in one card reader for $28 Barbados or about £9.00 which was less than I was expecting to pay. I had a look round the shop while I was in there and thought that the prices were generally comparable with the UK.

Time to the beach so we went to one of the beaches just south of Bridgetown itself and just before the Hilton hotel. There is a car park right next to the beach and despite the fact that you are very close to the centre of Bridgetown it was a lovely clean wind beach and beautiful clear sea. Unlike the other areas we have been swimming the sea shelved very gently and you could walk or swim quite some distance don’t before you out of your depth. The coral was just in the smallish clumps put as usual crowded with beautiful colourful marine fish.

As I was playing with Alec and I saw something in the water about 3 foot away from me. I watch this space and sure enough it turned out to be a turtle! This was about 10 foot away from the shore and guess swimming around on his own and did not appear to be bothered about the people in the sea, though in fairness was not many.

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